GBCC Strategic Plan 2023-2026

Strategic Goal 1: Academic Excellence

“Maintain and enhance program and teaching excellence hallmarked by multifaceted curricula and innovative practices resulting in a successful, transformative educational experience for a diverse population of students.”

ܲ-ҴDz1:Support and encourage professional development, scholarship, and innovative and experimental practices in teaching. ​

ܲ-ҴDz1:Create a supportive and evidenced-based learning environment for students empowering them to thrive academically and reach their individual goals. ​

ܲ-ҴDz1:Assess program effectiveness in meeting student learning outcomes to support and promote achievement in line with discipline and industry standards. ​

Strategic Goal 2: Student Success

“As the college of choice, create equitable pathways where community members become studentsand successfully complete their goals.”

ܲ-ҴDz2:Strategically leverage education, business, and non-profit partnerships to reduce barriers for the diverse student population.​

ܲ-ҴDz2:Research, design, implement, and evaluate initiatives focused on DEIB best practices for the GBCC community.  ​

ܲ-ҴDz2:Meet just-in-time needs to improve student outcomes and well-being through best practices and intentional collaboration across departments.

Strategic Goal 3: Cultivate Community

“As an integral part of the New Hampshire Seacoast, 鶹 will create and sustain mutually beneficial relationships among students, faculty, staff, and community partners that fortify the educational and workforce capacity throughout the state.”

ܲ-ҴDz3:Increase the College’s prominence and impact by communicating GBCC’s story of academic excellence and student success. ​

ܲ-ҴDz3:Recognize and cultivate partnerships that are innovative, collaborative, and successfully close equity gaps. ​

ܲ-ҴDz3:Invest in a supportive workplace culture that embraces and celebrates inclusivity and diversity of thought to achieve the priorities of the College.​

Rev. Aug 2023